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Abra seu transporte público com OpenStreetMap e Transportr


In this presentation, I will show how the Free Software community can help to improve the traffic problems in our cities by making public transport more accessible.

I will explain how I opened up the public transport data of the Sistema Integrado de Mobilidade in Florianópolis, so it can be used by the Free Software application Transportr and many other tools.

Using data from OpenStreetMap, the local consortium and the Prefeitura, I was able to write reusable Free Software tools to generate data in GTFS, the de- facto standard for public transport data.

With this, you can not only look up when the next bus comes, but also do routing, so finding out how to get from A to B. Since the data is open and the software free, the possibilities are endless.

If you want to open up the public transport of your city, don't miss the workshop!


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